In the 1970s, Michael Hilti owned a 1972 BMW 2000 Touring. He loved it. It was also the car that he owned when he met his wife, but life forced him to sell oh-so-many years ago.

Hilti's wife tracked down his old 1972 2000, bought it, and then brought it to BMW Group Classic to complete an incredibly thorough restoration to make the car as close to brand new as they could.

This it the fantastic result. It has 170 horsepower, a new five-speed transmission, and is said to be in A1 condition. That's as good as it gets without a time machine. Kudos to BMW for doing such a great job restoring it, but most of all, kudos to Hilti's wife for the great gift.

Good luck topping that next year.


(Hat Tip to SnapUndersteer!)