Nothing is better than getting a good parking space, but could there be a greatest space? Jalopnik readers think they've found the ten coolest parking spaces imaginable.

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In the future, we will have driverless cars that will drive themselves home when we're not using them. While we're at the office, our cars will be driving themselves around, dropping the kids off for school, picking up the dry cleaning, and getting the groceries.

The problem is, that's the future. Now we have to leave our cars where we left them. It's a like disrespectful, like tying your dog to a tree while you go inside a coffee shop.

There are some parking spaces, though, that are a true honor for your car. They are gorgeous pieces of architecture, palaces for an automobile. These are our ten favorites.

Photo Credit: VW

10.) Parkhaus Engelenschanze

Most parking garages are dark, and claustrophobic. Not this one in Münster, Germany. The walls are glass, and there's a running creek with a waterfall in there, too.

Suggested By: Gto62, Photo Credit: WBI-Parkhäuser in Münster City

9.) 1111 Lincoln Road Parking Garage, Miami

Take one look at Miami's wall-free, multi-use supergarage and you'd say "wow, that must have been absurdly expensive for a parking garage.'"You would be right, to the tune of $65 million.

Suggested By: sinyster, Photo Credit: Nelson Garrido/MBEACH1 LLP

8.) In A Yacht

Only a total loser parks his McLaren at the docks and then takes his yacht for a cruise. Real multibillionaires buy 158-foot UltraLuxum trimarans and park their supercars inside. Of course, it's just a concept so far, but plenty of yachts have garages for cars. Few are quite this stylish, though.

Suggested By: PTLmarketingltd, Photo Credit: UltraLuxum Yachting

7.) McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Only a handful of regular cars have ever driven on Antarctica. That means McMurdo Station, the continent's biggest base, has the most exclusive parking spaces on Earth.

Suggested By: Jackie, Photo Credit: Eli Duke

6.) In A Swiss Mountainside

This garage in Herder, Switzerland is sunken into the mountainside, and looks out over an alpine valley with five glassed-in concrete cubes.

Suggested By: wheatieboy, Photo Credit: Peter-Kuntz Architektur

5.) In Your Living Room

Holger Schubert won Architectural Digest's Design Driven contest in 2009, as well as an award by Maserati for parking his Ferrari 512BBi in his living room overlooking Brentwood, California. His neighbors hated him for it.

Suggested By: GasGuzzler, Photo Credit: Maserati

4.) The Ferris Bueller Garage

You know 370 Beech Street in Highland Park, Illinois as Cameron's dad's house in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It recently went up for auction for $2.3 million. If you have the means…

Suggested By: Demon-Xanth, Photo Credit: via 0-60 Magazine

3.) The VW Tower

In VW's massive Autostadt (Car City) in Wolfsburg, Germany, new cars awaiting delivery are stored in two 200-foot-tall towers with lifting platforms. There is no cooler parking garage in the world.

Suggested By: 404 Name not found, Photo Credit: VW

2.) On An Aircraft Carrier

Of course, you could also have your car park on an aircraft carrier. At $4.5 billion, the USS Ronald Reagan (pictured above) is probably the most expensive parking lot ever made.

Suggested By: throwawaylogin, Photo Credit: US Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Robert Winn, US Navy/Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Shawn J. Stewart

1.) On The Moon

You have to be really cool to get to park your car on the moon. The lunar rover is still up there, probably with a million bucks in space-tickets by now. Technically not the world, but it's orbiting the world so we'll give it an exemption.

Suggested By: Kiwi_commander, Photo Credit: NASA