Miami's Incredible $65 Million, Wall-Free Parking Garage

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Miami's amazing $65 million parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road appears almost entirely free of walls. This despite holding 300 cars, numerous high-end shops, one really expensive home, and floors of akimbo supporting piers.

The garage at 1111 Lincoln Road isn't the first mixed-used parking garage to incorporate retail and residential into its design, but it's the first we've seen that does so artistically. Created to accompany the bank building next door, 1111 is the work of architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron. It's technically eleven floors tall, but each floor varies in size, with ceiling heights ranging from seven to 34 feet.

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The ground floor is designed to house retail shops (expensive places like TASCHEN and Inkanta), with the top floor used primarily for a penthouse residence and a large multi-use party space. Everything in between is mostly parking or art space.

Lest you worry someone's going to drive off the edge of the building or crash through a store, the entire building is valet-only.

Update: A few people in the area, including someone working there, notified us that it is in fact not valet-only as originally reported. In fact, there may be no valet at all. Also, the top floor is going to be one gigantic penthouse.

[Bloomberg via Planetizen]

Photo Credit: Iwan Baan and MBEACH1, LLLP

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It looks like a house of cards.

In avant-garde, style-conscious Miami, that's quite a stylish look.

In hurricane prone Miami, maybe they'd like to rethink their approach. Of course I'm certain the engineers have done their homework and the architects have all the considerations covered, but still. I wouldn't go looking for trouble, and whether it is or not, it just looks like a big middle finger for the weather. Do not tease the Mighty and Terrible Storm Demons.