Black Eyed Pea, entrepreneur, fashion dude, and possible "automaker"'s custom DeLorean, which he at one point claimed was his own design, has reportedly been stolen.

Apparently, last night, and Nicole Scherzinger (of the Pussy Cat Dolls and dating Lewis Hamilton fame) were at a record release party when shit started to go down.

The car they arrived in was not what they left in. The Delorean, which has spent time in the police impound for a number of infractions, was stolen while Will was at the party, according to his Twitter.

Make no mistake,'s really pissed about this.

They were attending a party at the Avalon in Hollywood when the car went missing. If anyone sees a weird looking Delorean in the Los Angeles area, be sure to contact the local police and to send us photos and information.

UPDATE: Will.I.Am got his car back.
(Hat tip to Buckner!)