Relax, The Valet Had Will.I.Am's $700,000 DeLorean The Whole Time

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The " possibly stolen DeLorean saga" has taken another turn. Apparently, the singer's car was more "misplaced" than "stolen."

Oh, and he claims it's worth $700,000. That seems expensive.

Straight from Will's videotaped voice to our ears, it sounds like the singer valet parked his car before his event in Hollywood last night. When he left the event, the valet stand had closed and locked up.


They had his keys, and as such, they also had his car. That meant he couldn't get it and called the cops to investigate a way to get his car back. That's why he was saying that the car was stolen.

But the LAPD paints a separate story. They said they have no stolen vehicle report and weren't even called to the area to investigate anything.


Even more surprising, is that Mr. I.Am claims the customized time machine is worth $700,000. There isn't an extra 0 in that number, that's directly from him. Is it possible that he has that much money in the DeLorean known as IAMAUTO? Maybe. Is it likely? We don't think so.

No matter what, it sounds like Will has gotten his ride back and everything is now hunky dory. Color us relieved.


WILL.I.AM Somebody STOLE My Custom Car!!!
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