It's no secret that car fires are normally the territory of high dollar exotics, but as you can see this Toyota Supra recently got in on the self igniting action in a rather spectacular fashion.

This Twin-Turbo Toyota was racing at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ last Sunday when the engine blew about half way down the track. The hot oil exited the newly formed hole in the side of the block and immediately set on fire, thoroughly roasting the car and creating quite a mess for the track officials to clean up.

To be fair, this Supra was pretty highly modified and on a drag strip instead of just driving down the highway in stock form à la the typical Supercar flambé. Still the video footage of this toasted Supra is certainly proof that regardless of exactly how they start, an injury-free high horsepower car fire is always entertaining to watch.

[via Bangshift]