No one likes to see the flashing lights of the fuzz in their rear-view mirror, but we'd be misleading you if we didn't admit to enjoying the official livery of certain squad cars. What's your favorite police paint scheme?

Call us unoriginal, but there's not much we enjoy more than the bright white-on-blue of a 1980s NYPD RMP (their terminology for a squad car). You'd expect something like this neon-Cornflower to be the accent color for a white car as they've done in recent years, but in the 1980s they painted the entire car and wheels in this shade of electric azure. It's such a classic offset to the blocky white letters on the nose and red-and-white light bar. This example is a Plymouth Gran Fury and, honestly, may be the last time a Plymouth looked menacing.


When not dodging the authorities what authority-inspired paint job earns your appreciation? For some inspiration check out Triborough's great NYC Police Museum Car Show set.

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