Godzilla —a techno-marvel capable of taking the thrill of driving and convince you that you're playing a racing simulator. Now you can store that simulator on your very own Nissan GT-R 500GB hard drive.

Currently up for grabs on Ebay for a much-cheaper-than-the-real-thing price of $51; this one-off was created using a 1/18th scale Jada Toys Nissan GT-R mated with loving and delicate care to a 500GB Seagate 2.5 inch hard drive. The doors and hood still open revealing a fully detailed engine bay and interior. To access your new desktop racer, a USB 2.0 interface is located in the rear along with a supplied 6-foot USB cable. Better get cracking 'cause this is the first and currently, only one of its kind and with a little over 8 days remaining, we're sure the price will skyrocket. [GTRblog via Ebay]