Here's a weekend build that's more than Jalop-worthy. A bored '06 Subaru Impreza owner decided he needed a project over the Easter weekend and hacked an Eaton supercharger from a T-bird onto his little Subie.

When RS25 forum member "Spud" decided he wanted to supercharge his stock, non-turbo 2005 Subaru Impreza, an aftermarket kit was not in the cards. Instead he hit the internet and got the supercharger off a 3.8L Thunderbird Supercoupe and went to work in an, um, unconventional install. Since there's no supercharger kit for Spud's particular model, and certainly not one to adapt the big Eaton of the Supercoupe. So he got to work on a DIY solution.


First he measured out a plate of aluminum to seal up the bottom of the SC, and cut it out using a band saw used for wood, unsurprisingly busting a few bands along the way. Then he built an outlet port by cutting a hole in an aluminum plate with a series of holes from a drill press. He then brazed on an aluminum tube to attach the pressurized hose leading towards the throttle body. When he ran out of fuel for his brazing torch so he decided to fire up the barbecue in order the braze the output port onto the sealing plate. That's tenacity.

Using his first time, flux-core welding skills he fabbed up a mounting bracket and placed his backyard supercharger on the left side of the engine with the pulley lined up with the accessory belt. A new accessory belt, a couple of hose modification, and a hole in the hood and Spud had himself the first Eaton supercharged 2006 Impreza anyone has ever seen. Currently it's pushing 4 PSI without a change to the engine mapping, but it runs. A little ghetto? You bet, but that's a helluva fun way to spend a weekend. (Thanks for the tip Andrew) [RS25 via OverBoost]