Based on the sporty Roewe 550 sedan, which is in turn based on the Rover 75, the MG6 Turbo is expected to return the engineered-in-England platform to Europe's wet shores.

The Rover 75 was a semi-successful last gasp before Rover collapsed and Roewe stepped in. Now, SAIC has returned the brand to the UK, selling the MG TF in small numbers as a way to warm Brits to the idea of a Chinese owned company. This MG6 Turbo could be the first mainstream model to cross the channel in large numbers.


Equipped with a development of the turbocharged 1.8-liter k-series engine, the Roewe MG6 Turbo uses the FWD version of the Rover 75 chassis. That chassis should mean the Chinese-built car will sail through EU crash tests, the 75 excelled in them, only failing to receive Euro NCAP's first 5-star rating due the lack of standard-fit head airbags.

This year is the 85th anniversary of the MG brand, expect SAIC to rush the MG6 to England in an effort to capitalize on that publicity.