The Kia VG Concept has been unveiled at the Seoul Auto Show and it looks... good. Nice for a concept? No, it's a veiled version of a V6-powered FWD flagship replacement for the Amanti.

The Kia VG will be going on sale later this year in Korea with international distribution following thereafter, including the US. The possibility of production is revealed in its believable powertrain. The VG starts off with a 194.6 inch overall length over a front-wheel-drive platform motivated by a 3.5-liter V6 good for 277 HP, which is backed up by a manumatic six speed transmission. The car wears the now-familiar Kia grille flanked by some slightly surprised-looking headlights and and surprisingly sleek bodywork. Inside, there's a mix of concept car doo-dads and actual hardware. We're expecting the general layout to be the same in the production version, but the high tech center console and gauge cluster are not likely. Kia needs to start being more careful or they'll become a respectable car maker. [Kia World]