What's better than a Pratt & Miller-prepped Corvette Racing C6.R GT1? How about a Corvette C6.R GT2 plastered with Jake and 2009 Corvette ZR1-inspired bodywork?

Steve Wesoloski, GM's Road Race Manager, gave the media a small preview at Sebring of what's in store for the upcoming Corvette C6.R GT2.

"Pratt & Miller hung the body last week... It's a ZR1 body. At the doors, it's got flares front and rear to fit the racing wheels and tires. I got to tell you that it looks more aggressive than the C6.R. But it looks purposeful, it doesn't look gaudy and it fits that class."

In addition to the new bodywork, which can be seen in the above CAD rendering, the Corvette GT2 will be powered by a Katech-built 6.0-liter destroked LS7 per this year's ALMS rules. The following year will see an additional step down in displacement to 5.5-liters which will be done with a modified LS3 that should be good for roughly 500 horsepower. We're curious to see the Corvette GT2 to run against the competition since it seems like it's been such a long time. Are they up to the task? You betcha.

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