We've seen Ferrari-badged motorcycles before, but nothing like this Ferrari-branded Suzuki Hayabusa Trike for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon. What were these guys smoking?

Trike Japan is a company that designs and manufactures trike conversions for some of the most popular motorcycles available in Japan. They decided to build this special Ferrari-branded trike to show off their new Suzuki Hayabusa Trike conversion. Dipped in Rosso Corsa and adorned by replica Ferrari F1 graphics, this trike definitely screams out Ferrari. Though, at the same time, it screams "I'm a tool" to anyone riding this abomination. While little information is given, we do know that it retains the stock Hayabusa 1300cc motor. At least it has some go to back it up.

Video Build Diary

We've Got No Clue What They're Saying, But She's Hot

[via carzi]