If Richard Nixon were still alive he'd be celebrating his 95th birthday today. Though a figure who still prompts conflicting emotions, a living Nixon would surely provide interesting insight into the problems of China and the Middle East. Despite his political problems, and a general disinterest in domestic policy, Nixon had a brilliant mind when it came to foreign policy. He saw a way around the Taiwan question and, with a sudden (to the public at least) trip to China, he started the path for normalized diplomatic relations with the country. Considering the feelings in the country about Communism, Russia and the Asian continent in general it was an incredibly bold move requiring testicular fortitude rivaled only, according to Cognitive_Friction, by the guy who stole Princess Beatrice's BMW from under police protection.

Stealing a car from a member of the royal family, in broad daylight, in front of a police escort...I bet the guy tore out the driver's seat and just sat on his huge balls like they were a chair.

We hear Recaro is going to offer a seat built on the same principle.