Princess Beatrice Leaves Keys In BMW, Theif Nabs From Under Police Escort's Nose

Princess Beatrice of England is "extremely embarrassed" after getting her BMW 1-Series stolen. Why? She left the keys in the ignition while shopping.


But the pie’s not just in Beatrice’s face as she was being protected by a police escort, who failed to notice either the forgotten keys or the car being stolen. The vehicle was taken when Beatrice and her guard stopped to visit a shop on London’s Devonshire Place.

The 1-series was given to Beatrice by her father, Prince Andrew, for her 17th birthday. Though the enterprising theif managed to outwit what appears to be a fairly witless royal and her bumbling coterie, the car's personalized numberplate makes the car an easy target for police. While the car contained a variety of personal items, none of them were sensitive to the royal family. You can imagine the police are anxious to catch this cold-blooded, blue-blood-nipping bandit. [via The Telegraph]

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