Are you still trying to eek out that last achievement in Forza 2? Hurry up because Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 3 is filling your rear view mirror.

Although no official release date has been revealed, the company behind all the pretty in-game artwork has let loose a couple of teaser images of the new Forza Motorsport 3. Microsoft Game Studios has sub-contracted Kaarbo Designs to create menu graphics for all previous Forza Motorsport games and they've let loose some early pre-production proofs of Forza 3 in-game race posters. The images were found on Kaarbo Design's website and then promptly removed adding to the legitimacy of the images. In response to the leak, Kaarbo has said that the posters "are only samples and are not to be used." Something that may be finalized is the Forza 3 logo in the upper left-hand corner of each poster.

While Forza 2 was big, it's said that FM3 is so large that the DVD format has become an issue. With a total of 400+ cars and over 100 tracks it will likely ship on two separate discs. A preview of Forza Motorsport 3 will likely be shown later this year at the E3 show. We can't wait to get our hands on a copy since our thumbs are just now healing from the first game.

[via xbox360 fanboy]