51 (51!) Chinese Workers Managed To Shove Themselves Into This Minivan

You may laugh at a clown car, because of how many people fit inside it. Eventually, however, so many people fit into one car that the reasoning behind it just becomes sad. That’s the case with this (originally six-seat) minivan in China, which managed to squeeze 51 people inside.

That’s two in the front, and 49 people out back where the seats used to be. But hey, China Central Television at least played jaunty music over the whole thing.


Sure, I guess, on the one hand fitting 49 people where the back seats used to be in one minivan might seem to break the laws of physics. At the very least, it’s extraordinarily impressive. But I’m not rejoicing in this one. Fit 25 college students into a Volkswagen Beetle? Fun and whimsical and unoriginal.

Fit 51 construction workers so desperate to get to a job site to the point that they’ll set what appears to be some sort of world record?


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