Since the Germans invented Schadenfreude, it seems only appropriate that the new Porsche Panamera is so awful that we just can’t quit looking at it. With that in mind, we bring you the Porsche Panamera Mega Gallery: 41 pictures of LongBruce, the four-seat Porsche.

We have CarScoop to thank for pulling many of these photos off of the truly annoying Panamera minisite. In them, we can see a few new, intriguing details. First of which is the Turbo’s wing, which appears to extend upwards from its cubby at the base of the rear glass before the wings extend outwards to the edges of the glasshouse. That sounds pretty neat and we can’t wait to see video of it in action. Also interesting is the hybrid drivetrain. That model will premiere some time during Spring 2009, so in the meantime we can only look at the battery location and hope that the extremely rearwards location will lend the vehicle some shadow of the 911s character. Our favorite model is the brown version. Somehow the unfortunate color combines with the awkward shape to cancel out the negative aspects of both. If we were forced at gunpoint to purchase a Panamera, it’d be a brown one with a white interior.