Legend has it the "Jake" logo, which acts as the badge of badass for the Corvette C6.R racing teams, was born when someone scribbled a skull in the dust surrounding the Corvette badge on the side of the team's transport semi. Others source it as a scribble on a napkin in some far flung dive bar after a victorious race. Wherever it came from, it's become the officially unofficial brand of Corvette Racing and instead of being hidden away on the car as is the norm, the C6.Rs sported a new, Jake-centric paint job for last weekend's Laguna Seca race (Corvette Racing's Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin won in GT1 by the way). The logo was proudly displayed right over the induction cowl in a design that came directly from GM styling. Jake's appearance has become something of a tradition as last year the logo was large and in charge on the hood as well. This year's design sure is pretty, but last year was definitely badass, which leads us to the inevitable question โ€” which Jake paint job do you like better?
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