1964 Ford Ranchero, Plus Bonus Favorite Ford Cartruck Poll

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. DOTS Truck Monday is with us once again, and today we're going to check out a vehicle that qualifies as both truck and car: a '64 Ford Falcon with truck bed, aka Ranchero! Then, because polls lessen the sting of Simon Legree's workplace lash- which always seems to fall on one's back with particular malice on a Monday- we'll all vote on our favorite street-parked Alameda Ranchero.


I found this customized Ranchero parked in front of Mel's Bowl, just after sunset on a Friday. That's right- the owner is rolling on shomer Shabbas! Then there's the additional blasphemy of a Maverick emblem on the tailgate; normally we aren't purists about such things, but Maverick? Still, this Ranchero is in good shape and the custom touches are fairly subdued for the most part.

A 289 4-speed Ranchero! Of course, it might actually have the 5.0/T5 combo torn out of a Fox Mustang- a very common swap in these things- but that's OK with us. Since you couldn't get a 289 in the '64 (the 260 was the Ranchero's optional V8 that year), originality isn't really an issue here. In fact, this could be a 1965 model with a '64 grille; providing an additional clue, the hood ornament is a '65 item. In that case, a 289 could be original equipment. Ranchero experts, what do you say? Before you answer, take the poll!


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