SLP Performance is resurrecting a moniker from Pontiac's recent past, planning to introduce the Pontiac G8 Firehawk. Though details are thin at the moment, the newly foor-doored Firehawk will come with your choice of tuned V6 or V8 and best of all, a supercharged model. The exterior will be tarted up as well with new exhaust tips, custom wheels and "Firehawk" logos — to allow you to show the world that flaming birds didn't die in the 90s. SLP is still in the development stages, but when making mention of the supercharged Firehawk, performance was called "More than impressive." A supercharged, rear-wheel-drive, V8 with four doors. Aaah... please, we'll take one! Hopefully we'll see more from SLP at SEMA in the next few weeks.