$500,000 Range Stormer Replica For Sale, Perfect For When You Ain't Found Shit In The Desert

Illustration for article titled $500,000 Range Stormer Replica For Sale, Perfect For When You Aint Found Shit In The Desert

Range Rover Sport too dull for you? Too many doors? Not in line with your posh Dubai lifestyle? Need something to comb the desert in? Good news friend, West Coast Customs Dubai is reproducing the Range Stormer concept in street legal form. Better news is there's one on sale at Alwan's used cars for a cool $500,000. It seems a member of the Dubai royal family thought the concept was so fly he had West Coast Customs US build him one out of a regular old boring Range Rover Sport. WCC decided maybe there'd be a few more so why not task the Dubai branch to make a couple more. Head down to crazy Al's if you can't live without a two door Stormer of your own.

[AutoTrader Dubai (no, really) via LandRoverChronicles]

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Jeff Glucker

There is a 180,000 Range Rover that looks a lot like this one on [AutoTrader.com] right now... if you run the search near Costa Mesa you should find it.