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Along with Hustler, Time, early Details, Kerrang!, Mad and Gearhead, Car and Driver stands as one of the magazines that not only influenced our worldview, but our writing as well. Goring sacred cows is fun, but the fact remains that C/D is #1 for a reason. The writing is consisently top-notch, they give credit where credit's due and make fun with little-to-no mercy when it's warranted. Plus, sometimes they do really, really dumb shit. It's all here in this oft-hilarious historical timeline of the mag, penned by the redoubtable John Phillips. Oh, and their 50th Anniversary shindig is this weekend in Indy. Fans of autocross, Larry Webster and Mark Farner are totally in luck.

Looking Back at the First Fifty Years [Car and Driver]

Car and Driver Road Tests New Porsche 911 Carrera S [Internal]


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