43 Seconds With Ken Block Is The Best 43 Seconds You'll Spend All Week

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Mister Kenny From The Block had a good weekend at the Global Rallycross season opener. He took first place in his glorious number 43 space car, and summed up the weekend in 43 impossibly loud, sideways, high-flying seconds. Crank up the volume and enjoy.

The space car looks even better when it’s trying to jump into space. It’s unreal.


Block came so close to winning the GRC championship last year, missing it by only five points. Needless to say, this puts him in a good place to start the season.

If watching this doesn’t make you want to jump cars and do donuts, you must have no soul. I must now find the nearest launch yump and attempt to break some beater suspension components.

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Until I see him on the WRC circuit he is just a stunt driver.