The film critics over at the site all about Tomatoes that are Rotten, have proclaimed a list of the 50 "Most Memorable" movie cars. We won't give it all away here, but we were actually fairly satisfied with their choice for the numero uno slot. Obviously, they're not total hoons like us, but we were still interested to see where a few of our favorites ended up.

Somehow, despite all the recent Dodge Challenger hype, Eleanor from the original Gone In 60 Seconds came in at #41, beating out the Kowalski's white Challenger from Vanishing Point at #43. An apparently more famous Mustang, the '68 390 GT from Bullitt listed at #25, though its co-star Charger was nowhere in sight. The pond-skipping Lambo from Speed Zone failed to secure a spot, but its predecessor from Cannonball Run earned #17, barely being beat by Bond's Lotus at #16. The righteous Bluesmobile earned the #11 spot. Sadly, it came as no surprise that Michael Delaney's Porsche 911 S, and our very own March Madness Champion, the Miura, were forgotten.