Taking a page out of Otto's playbook, a school bus driver in Cleveland abandoned his vehicle to fill her up with diesel and hit the head. And why aren't you supposed to leave a school bus when it's full of kids? Because of what happened next. While the driver was doing his business the bus rolled out of the gas station and down a hill. According to the manager of the gas station, who chased down the bus on foot, kids started bailing out of the rig before it hit anything. One of the 27 kids on board was smart enough to steer the bus into a bridge embankment before it rolled into oncoming traffic or worse. No one was seriously injured, though 15 kids were taken to the hospital. How did this happen?

First, the Arts Academy Charter School contracted (we're guessing cheaply) with a company called Aqua Limo, which already sounds sketchy. Aqua Limo hired a driver who, besides making bad decisions, has a record. And what's the record for? Grand Theft Auto. We're all about rehabilitation and giving someone a second chance, but this just seems like a bad idea. No one has gone to jail, yet. [Fox Cleveland via Motive Mag, Photo WHDH]