It's time to tell Grandpa that technology is here and ready to replace that tennis-ball-on-a-string method for parking his boat of a Buick in the garage. This Garage Parking Signal will help you get into the garage perfectly every time. It has three lights and a distance sensor that can warn the driver when they are pulling in too far. Not more crushed lawnmowers or mangled golf clubs!

The green light will display when you have 8 feet of distance, the yellow light will display at 4 feet and and red light will signal stopping when 2 feet are left between you and rumbling into the living room. The downside is that it is battery powered, which would result in a damaged garage after you become to reliant on it and the batteries die. It's available for $30. Of course, Gramps is just gonna say that and old tennis ball and a string is, like, $1.25, but that's the older generation for you. [Gizoo via CG]