A year and a half after kit designer Robert Q. Riley originally dreamed up his XR-3 three-wheeled, two-seater, plug-in hybrid kit car, it is now a reality. Sorry, 3D modelers, your job is now done; the first XR-3 hybrid has been built and plans for this greenmobile are now available for purchase.

As we've mentioned before, the XR-3 is a three-wheel plug-in diesel-electric hybrid that we're told can get 125 mpg while running on only electric power, and upwards of 225 when combined with the diesel combustion engine. Allegedly, the XR-3 can achieve a top speed of 85 mph, and the entire unit has a curb weight of 1,300 pounds.

The standard kit runs $170, which gets you 15 or more 24-inch by 36-inch drawing sheets and a 150 page technical manual chock full of pictures and illustrations. For another $30 you can get a CD containing 2D CAD files and 3D SolidWorks models and a DVD with the entire build process. [XR-3 Hybrid]