XR-3 Diesel-Electric Hybrid Kit Car Now a Reality, Build Your Own!

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A year and a half after kit designer Robert Q. Riley originally dreamed up his XR-3 three-wheeled, two-seater, plug-in hybrid kit car, it is now a reality. Sorry, 3D modelers, your job is now done; the first XR-3 hybrid has been built and plans for this greenmobile are now available for purchase.

As we've mentioned before, the XR-3 is a three-wheel plug-in diesel-electric hybrid that we're told can get 125 mpg while running on only electric power, and upwards of 225 when combined with the diesel combustion engine. Allegedly, the XR-3 can achieve a top speed of 85 mph, and the entire unit has a curb weight of 1,300 pounds.


The standard kit runs $170, which gets you 15 or more 24-inch by 36-inch drawing sheets and a 150 page technical manual chock full of pictures and illustrations. For another $30 you can get a CD containing 2D CAD files and 3D SolidWorks models and a DVD with the entire build process. [XR-3 Hybrid]

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Finally. Just banging my forepaws onto this knobbly piece of plastic nearly defines the limit of my computer skills; I want to be able to actually see one of these things. I've been watching for it almost since day one, and all there's been has been the pretty 3D renderings. Screw that, can't drive a rendering.

Love the traction bias control: the sole communication between the front and rear powerplants is the road, unless they've added something I haven't heard about.