Illustration for article titled 32 Ford Hot Rod, Now in Creamsicle Flavor

Even though we tire of high dollar '32 Fords, a cleanly done and nicely finished one still catches our eye. This example of traditional hot rodding is way cooler than the megabux toys upstairs. The white and pearlescent satin orange finish really pop and the simple clean lines just beg for a good high speed run through a summer night. The ceramic coated four-into-one headers mount up to an SBC huffing and puffing through a four barrel Holley.


We're really feeling this hot rod - it's simple, to the point, and cool looking. How can you go wrong with a clean execution on a car that is so often overdone. Its got a cross drilled solid front axle, trailing arms, great big drum brakes, two seats and a shifter - the helmeted skull on the shifter isn't hurting either. We'll take one.

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