Time was, big early-70s Chryslers were everywhere, driven by fedora-wearing liquor-store owners and semi-successful realtors from coast to coast. The cool thing is that you still see a fair number of them on the street; since most of them really aren't objects of obsessive resto-worship, this means that they're simply survivors, getting by on their own vehicular merits. We at El Jalopo appreciate that, so it was nice to spot this '71 Newport a couple blocks from my shack.

The Newport wasn't quite as snazzy as the New Yorker, but you still got more than two tons of Detroit steel.

Yes, the big Chrysler for '71 was class all the way.

Of course, the 2-door was a lot better-looking than the 4-door we have here. Still, though, it has some nice lines.

The infamous peeling vinyl top, no doubt covering the traditional body rust. Nice tape repair; the owner picked a matching color!

The standard engine for the '71 Newport was a 275-horse 383, but for a mere $208 you could have the 335-horse 440 that went into the New Yorker and 300.

Sadly, no 4-speeds for Newport buyers (at least not from the factory). But check out the cool castle grille emblem!

That bumper has several acres of chrome. Lesser vehicles would bounce off it like ping-pong balls off a battleship.

Technically, this isn't a dogdish. But it retains a dogdishy look, and that's what counts.