Today's Down On The Alameda Street car hails from the East End, and it's a real winner: a genuine 70s-o-riffic Sundance Edition Satellite Sebring!

See, by '74 the car companies couldn't engineer their way out of the smog-standards dilemma, so they did the next best thing: tape stripes and special editions!

The Satellite, once lean and mean, was now hauling around monstrous crash bumpers and motivated by a selection of neutered V8s. The Satellite came standard with a 150-horse 318, but you could get a 250-horse 400 for $117 extra. I'm guessing this is a 318 car.

But so what? Check out that Sundance Edition smiling sun! Grooo-oovy! The Sundance was so good that Chrysler went ahead and recycled the name on another car in the 80s.

You also got a very tasteful plaid interior to go with the decals. Once the foxes got a good look at a Sundance Edition man, there'd be no going back to the Grabber Maverick guy for them!

I have a real soft spot for early-70s Alameda Satellites; during my high school days, the fastest car in town was a '72 Satellite with tunnel-ram-equipped 440.

This one needs some work, but it's mostly intact. I'm seriously tempted to track down the owner and see if he or she is in a selling mood. A 440/4-speed in this thing would work wonders.

It's even got the Rally wheels!

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