I've found that Alameda's streets have plenty of old Detroit iron to photograph for this series, but old/cool imports are a bit tougher to find. VW Type 1s abound, as do 2nd-gen Type 2s, but I just can't work up much excitement over them. But here's another German import that's a little less common...

Like every guy who went to high school in the early 80s, I wanted one of these things (well, actually, what I really wanted was a '70 Chrysler 300H with a 440 and 4-speed with pistol-grip shifter, but I would have settled for the 911).

It took me a while to realize that the early-80s 911 was a car designed expressly for dentists who got a little too enthusiastic about their supply of $10/ounce dentist-grade cocaine. You know, after a hard day of performing root canals, a man has a right to let the world know he's made the big time.

But still, take away the 80s-excess symbolic baggage of the 911SC and it's a very good-looking car.

This 27-year-old is no coddled garage queen- it parks every day on a busy street and gets used for daily transportation. It's safe to assume the current owner is not a septum-challenged dentist.

Even going into the 80s, the 911 still looked pretty damn similar to its 60s ancestors (though those blobby bumper pads sure are ugly).

It's no show winner, but that's why we like it. Stay tuned for the next Down On The Street car!

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