Snow Makes 24 Hours Of LeMons Practice A Big, Hilarious Drifty Mess

The best weather we had all weekend for the 24 Hours of LeMons' North Dallas Hooptie race at Eagles Canyon Raceway was a few inches of powdery snow during the practice day. Needless to say, the race didn't happen, but a few of us went out for practice laps, anyway.

Here's the Nissan 240SX of Dallas Makerspace trying very, very hard not to get stuck on track. He gets a pass, by golly!

Note the Anchorman-themed Ron BurganZ Datsun 280ZX trying and failing to make it up the hill. That was the pass. (Dallas Makerspace reportedly had to be rescued for the same reason shortly after this clip was filmed.)


Unfortunately, that was why we couldn't do much racing. We got freezing rain after the snow, and the paddock itself became too slippery to walk on. If only we had kept this powder all weekend, I would have done a million involuntary snow-nuts per lap, but probably would have still been giggling from all the hilarious, drifty whee.

My weekend didn't have much racing, but it had plenty of time to goof off in the snow, camp out with other racecar-folk and eat ice cream. Also, I got to pass a Miata on track in a Chevrolet Silverado for similar reasons (it was stuck). Uh, that, too.

[H/T BrandonAGr on the LeMons Forums]

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LeMons is so bogus with their imaginary $500 budget. There hasn't been a car there that actually cost less than $500 in years.