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24 Heures du Jambon

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We would like to see a leisurely-yet-hotly-contested automotive cruise, sort of a modified Time/Speed/Distance rally that requires the preparation and consumption of ham. Teams of three drivers (eight hours behind the wheel each) would follow a course. One would drive, one would navigate and one would prepare dishes in the back. Vehicle choice would be up to the teams, but only a certain amount of fuel would be allowed to cover the allotted distance.


Which pretty much rules out Class-A motorhomes and Group B rally cars.. As on rallies like the Bullrun, drivers would be handed route cards at various checkpoints, where their ham dishes would be tasted by a panel of celebrity chefs and judged. They would then be required to be entirely consumed by the team by the next checkpoint. In-car cameras would capture everything for reality tv. There would be a required amount of ham to be consumed, and each team would be allowed 200 dollars to spend on condiments, ingredients and garnish. Since Wert's kosher and Johnson's a vegetarian, neither of us would be able to participate. But we still think it's a good idea.

More rallying; Ham Center, Warren, MI [Internal]

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Al Navarro

I'm in if you do it sometime in the spring. NYC to Detroit? I'll bring the Pilot, a high-wattage inverter, a hot plate, and knives.

But, really, you have to post the T-shirt finalists today.