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Take one 2010 Shelby GT500, let Geiger Cars warm it up to 799 HP and 697 Lb-Ft of torque. The result? A 220 MPH live rear axle Mustang with lots and lots of axle tramp. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Ah, but what's this? Germany's Geiger Cars has upgraded the chassis? Phew. Oh wait, all they've done is braced the chassis, fitted a Panhard rod in a vain attempt to control rear axle movement and reinforced the trailing arms in the rear suspension. Yeah, this thing's going to be a nightmare.


With the goal of giving you bad dreams, Geiger threw a 3.3-liter whipple ‘charger and associated intake gubbins on the 5.4-liter truck engine, then fitted an intercooler, oil-cooler and larger radiator to cope with the extra temps. A 3-plate carbon clutch shouldn't wear out the first time you pull away and shorter 5th a 6th gear ratios should eliminate any pretensions of refined highway cruising. Of course, there's the de rigeur loud exhaust too, just to remind the police to pull you over. We don't even want to ask what the 0-60 time is, mostly because it'll be exactly the same as the stock GT500's traction-limited 4.3 seconds.

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