22 Pomona Avenue: Horrific Hot Rod

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The builder left alone. His mind was blank. He needed time to sleep; to get the memories from his mind. This much is obvious, but you really just have to go look for yourself. The only thing we could possibly say about this hot rod pickup from the Grand National Roadster Show that Coop didn't is that if there is any justice in this world, Derek Riggs should be allowed to sue over it. Many times over. And repeatedly. And one more time for good measure. Plus, once more with feeling. Poor little primered child of the damned. Poor little primered child of the damned.

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Turboner: I too, had a very large Iron Maiden poster. It is mandatory for the Loverman and I to listen to "Wasted Years" when we go driving. The first song I ever played in my bad high school metal band was "Iron Maiden."

As for the mural being a sticker? Oh shit. Derek Riggs should definitely sue now. And Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith, Clive Burr and Dave Murray. Hell, Paul Di'Anno, Dennis Stratton, Tony Parsons, Blaze Bayley and Nicko McBrain should be allowed to file as well, just for defamation of character by association.

Up the Irons!