2018 Jeep Wrangler Development Has Progressed To Moab Field Testing

(Image Credit: Jeff D.)
(Image Credit: Jeff D.)
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Everybody knows a significantly revised Jeep Wrangler is coming in 2018. Every Jeep fan knows that Moab, Utah, is hallowed ground for these vehicles and that its most capable equipment is tested there. So I’m not surprised that the next-gen prototypes are running around out there. I am, however, officially stoked.


A reader sent this photo to us Thursday afternoon. The vehicle is unequivocally a camouflaged Jeep Wrangler prototype, and our photographer tells us he spotted it and another at “Baby Lion’s Back,” which is a off-road trail near the entrance to the Salt Flats Park. That’s where most of the “quintessentially Moabian” slick rock terrain is that the region is famous for. Beautiful camping out there, too.

As many of you have probably heard by now, the next-gen Wrangler, chassis code “JL”, will pretty much look like the current Wrangler (“JK”) with a slightly more raked grille and windshield, long and skinny front turn signals and allegedly more engine and roof options than the vehicle’s ever had before.


This may not be the new Wrangler prototype’s first trip to Moab and it most certainly won’t be its last, but I know a lot of you like Jeeps as much as David Tracy and I do over here, so I thought this picture might put a smile on your face. I know I’m excited.

Hat tip to Jeff!

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Hey, that’s great. When are they taking it out to the real testing grounds?

You know, how most of them are actually going to be used.