2017 Acura MDX: Looks Like Acura Is Finally Going To Kill That Damn Shield

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The Acura MDX is a perfectly nice, fine, reliable SUV, ideal for hauling your kids to whatever ultimately inconsequential after-school activity they’re into; aggressive and interesting it is not. It seems the MDX is about to get a little more of both, and maybe a lot less of that much-loathed shield grille.

Acura just released a “teaser” shot for the redesigned MDX set to debut at the New York Auto Show next month and it sure looks like it takes a lot of cues from that Acura Precision Concept sedan from the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. (“Precision Crafted Performance” is used a whole four times in the press release, holy shit.)


If it does in fact ape the Precision Concept sedan, which I must say I rather liked, that means an end to the huge, garish, silver shield grille (or “beak”) that pretty much everyone hates. I am glad to see it potentially go and I will not miss it.

We’ll find out next week what the new MDX really looks like and whether or not Acura has the guts to dump the shield, but even if the brand does, its flagship—the new expensive-floormatted 2017 NSX—will still have it, because that car has been in gestation since forever. (Admittedly, it’s vastly more tasteful there.)

Mid-cycle refresh, maybe?

Correction: An earlier version of this post said the MDX will debut in Geneva; it’s actually set to debut in New York. You’ll have to wait longer for it, and I’m sorry for that.


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