2016 Ford F-150 Has Mini Reversed Steering Wheel For Driving Backwards

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You know how it gets confusing when you’re backing up a trailer, because physics? The 2016 Ford F-150 will have a tiny little steering wheel you’d use in conjunction with the backup camera, which would do the opposite of the real wheel while reversing. See where this is going?

When you’re backing up with something in tow, you’ve got to flip your brain around a little and take into account the fact that you’re vehicle is now really long with a hinge in the center. Ford’s Pro Trailer Backup Assist will make it seem like you’re “steering the trailer” directly, which you will monitor through the backup camera.


Like you’re playing a video game and the trailer is your car in third-person view, while the controller is this little knob. Here it is in action:

Or, you could just learn how to drive. Ah just kiddin’ this is actually a pretty nice convenience, because even a curmudgeon like myself isn’t afraid to admit parking a trailer is kind of a pain. And there’s no denying this would make it easier to pick up. It’s great for the you the kind of users who only pulls things a handful of times a year, and for folks who have already mastered the art of trailer-parking the old fashioned way... you can just leave the system off.

No price yet, but this will be available on all 2016 F-150 models equipped with Tow Package or Max Tow Package. That’s XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. Lame gimmick or sweet trick feature?


Images via Ford

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