GM May Make The Off-Road 2016 Chevy Colorado ZR2 [Update: Rumor Denied]

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GM trotted out this lifted, armored, diesel-powered 2016 Chevy Colorado ZR2 at last month's LA Auto Show and proved the company had the off-road market on their radar. Rumors suggested Chevy might actually the ZR2 happen in as little as three to six months, at least in Canada.


Like any show-car 4x4, the ZR2 used quite a few "mounted tools" to stand out and look cool but it also had electronically locking differentials, trimmed bumpers, and remote reservoir shocks to back up the image a Hi-Lift jack advertises.

As of yesterday, The Fast Lane Truck said they have "informed sources" telling them "the truck is green-lighted for production... by GM of Canada." And that Canadian dealers will be able to start placing orders sometime in the second quarter of 2015.

GM says "nothing to announce on production of the ZR2 Colorado," but you can always count on a car company to have "no comment on future product."

This ZR2 package seems simple enough that Chevy could realistically execute it, unfortunately if it does come out you know the MSRP is just going to make us groan like extra homework on Friday night.

I can't imagine GM doing this for the Canadian market but not the US though. Let the speculation commence!


Photo via Freddy Hernandez


C-5M Load Smasher

Is this one of those factory bro-trucks? I mean it's like the raptor, bunch of guys at work have them and not one of them has seen dirt. Idk why people buy these and not take them offroad. Jeeps are getting just as bad too, people throw tons of money for a mall crawler.