2015 Range Rover's Off-Road Cruise Control Makes Any Idiot A Hero Driver

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The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are the first vehicles ever to feature full-fledged off-road "cruise control." The new All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system will do everything but steer through the roughest stuff you can drive.

Without requiring any input to the throttle or brake, ATPC will monitor the vehicle's progress and adjust settings to maximize traction at up to 19 MPH.

The brochure reads:

"ATPC reduces driver workload to enhance Range Rover's world-renowned off road capability, maintaining composure over steep gradients, rough terrain and low-grip surfaces. It is particularly beneficial in challenging off road environments where a very low constant speed is desirable. ATPC works both in forward and reverse gears and is operational from 1mph to 19mph (1.8km/h to 30km/h)."


A new Heads Up Display is also being introduced this year; which can spit vehicle speed, gear position and shift indicator, cruise-control information, satellite-navigation instructions and Traffic-Sign Recognition right onto your windshield.

Still no "invisible hood," but it looks like Land Rover's SUVs are making pretty good progress in the technology department.


I'm personally pretty torn on the idea of off-road cruise control. It's cool and impressive from a technological standpoint, but the purist in me cries foul. Off-roadin's 'bout getting dirty and spilling beer all over yourself, damnit!


But I can't deny it'd be nice to point a luxury SUV at a seemingly unreachable picnic spot and come out okay on the other side without taking your hand or concentration off your passenger's thigh.

Image via Land Rover