Just look at this. This is a road car. But if you didn't know that, seeing and hearing it going around a race track would make you think it's a pure bred race car. But instead, it's the 911 GT3 RS. It has a PDK transmission, it doesn't sound turbocharged, and it'll be incredible.

This GT3 RS is testing on the Nurburgring because it is a new car and it is required to go there or else people won't know its laptime and they won't buy the car.


Unlike earlier rumors, this RS doesn't sound like it has forced induction over the rear wheels. This is a good thing. It also definitely has a PDK, just listen to those gearshifts. That's ok though, it's supposed to be a track hot lap monster, so it needs to be faster than everything else. That's what PDK does better than anything else. No word on a manual option, but it seems doubtful.

Cannot wait for this car. At all.

Hat Tip to Ronan!

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