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Front and rear photos of a completely uncamouflaged, obviously new, small Nissan Pickup are making their way across the internet via the Nissan Navara Club Thailand. It sure looks like the genuine article and I dare say, Nissan has done a nice job porting their swoopy styling to a pickup truck.

The Frontier is badged as the Navara in most countries outside the US, and while powertrain options differ the shape is identical. Whatever letters it's wearing, the truck looks exactly like whatever's under the sheet in Nissan's previous teaser.


Nissan's PR folks are dousing the hype:

But I think they're playing a technicality— and that this is the Frontier's visually almost-identical brother the Navara.

Of course, there is the possibility that Nissan is adding more dramatic variances between the two vehicles for this generation, but it doesn't seem that likely to me that Nissan would decide to do that after so many years... especially now that the trend across automakers is to synchronize their lineups across markets.

Advertisement reader Roger Edma forwarded these pictures to the site and told them the truck has a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine with makes 190 metric horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque, going on to claim the new model will be available with a 7-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual.

We have no way of knowing whether or not that's true, but even if it were we'll have to wait for Nissan's release (or another leak) to find out the US spec equipment.


Whatever this truck turns out to be, it's slated for an official reveal on June 11th, so get your wild speculation in now!

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