Here's an undisguised, unteased image of the seventh-generation Hyundai Sonata, which has a grille that instantly recalls the fifth-generation Sonata. The Korean midsizer is supposed to evoke the more-expensive Genesis, but it frankly looks dated.

We can only see the front fascia, but it looks like the rear will retain similar styling as the current Sonata. And Hyundai's "fluidic design" seems to be going the way of the aggressive, like so many other carmakers' design language.

We couldn't tell as much from the teaser image, but the front end is sharper and much lower than originally suggested. The lines are sharper across the side and the headlights squint a little more, but they're not a huge departure.

Like what we knew before, the Sonata's body is supposed to be stronger with stiffer steel and the interior is supposed to be more appointed than the previous model. Still, the grille just isn't clicking like it should.


Keep in mind the Genesis is supposed to lead the design language for the brand, so expect to see similar styling there and here in this Sonata on all future Hyundai models.

Hat-tip to Carscoops!