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One of the world's cutest SUVs, the Honda HR-V, is coming to America this winter in the form of its next redesign; a Nissan Juke-esque baby utility wagon sitting on the Honda Fit compact platform.

Honda dialed the swoopiness way up on the new HR-V, moving from a bubbly body to a smoothly sharp shape with hidden rear door handles and a sporty face that reminds me of the CR-Z hatch.


I wouldn't count on much off-road ability, but the HR-V will certainly be available in AWD and should have a lot of utility for its size. Honda promises many seating configurations and rear seats that will fold completely flat to accommodate cargo.

The price on Fit starts at a short fifteen grand and the new HR-V will slide into Honda's lineup as the bottom of their SUV range, smaller and cheaper than the CR-V.


Images: Honda

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