2015 GMC Sierra 'Carbon' Doesn't Add Lightness; Just Subtracts Sidewall

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GM has just bestowed the 2015 GMC Sierra with Carbon, Carbon 20, and Carbon 22 appearance packages that add for a lot of money will get you some stripes, convenience options, and guess what size wheels?

The graphics, vinyl carbon fiber vaguely similar to what's on the Ford Tremor, define the truck's hood and decorate the tailgate. A black grille and body-colored door handles and mirror caps finish out the restyle.


GMC is offering the Carbon 22 on the Sierra SLE double and crew cab, peasants who can only afford the 20's will have to stick to the double cab. All the Carbon trucks can be had in 2WD and 4WD with the 4.3 EcoTec3 V6 (285 horsepower, 305 lb-ft of torque, 24 MPG highway) as standard.

Those of y'all that need a little more juice for sparkly-dub burnouts can opt for the EcoTec3 V8 and dial up to 355-horsepower.

MSRP on the 2015 Sierra Carbon Edition is $33,075, about a $2,000 premium over a 2WD Double Cab Sierra SLE. Carbon 20 and 22 start at $38,275 and $42,270, respectively. It sounds like a big-ass bill for bling, but the regular GMC "Chrome Appearance Package" is already $1,000 and the SLE Value Package, which includes most of the goodies that come with the Carbon (power outlet, LEDs) is another $2,000.


Still... you've really got to want enormous OEM wheels.

Image: GMC

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2015 GMC Sierra 'Carbon' Doesn't Add Lightness; Just Subtracts Sidewall

How the hell do you "Add Lightness"?!?

This is as bad as "Unsweet Tea".