2015 Ford Focus: This Is It, In Person

The 2015 Ford Focus just made its debut here at the New York Auto Show, and it looks a lot like, well, a Ford Focus. But! It's got more of a fishy-looking face, in accordance with Ford's new global corporate grille design, and Many Other Things besides.


Alright, so there aren't many other things besides. I lied. Time to cry. That's because you already know it's coming with the (wildly popular in Europe) 1.0-liter three-cylinder Ecoboost engine, and that Zac is not so inclined as to its price and odd packaging. While the Focus probably looks the best it ever has, it's facing a bit of an identity crisis as the Fiesta pushes it upmarket.

It's got a rearview camera and an available heated steering wheel, so there's that. I know that's what you were looking for, anyways. I mean, I won't even look at a car unless it can fry my palms.

We all gotta have standards.

Photo credit: Brian Williams/Jalopnik

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