2015 Corvette Gets Eight Automatic Gears Of Shifting Enjoyment

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Are six ratios not enough for you when you're holding up traffic in the left lane of the freeway in your Corvette? Well, get ready to cruise in eighth, because the C7 is getting two more gears for your gearbox pleasure.

A leak from an SAE paper (which is now offline) has confirmed that the Corvette will be ditching the old 6L80E for the new 8L90 transmission. Ratios will allow it to cruise at lower RPMs and accelerate quicker, so that's good.


The transmission is supposed to be rated to 738 pound feet of torque, which would make it feasible as an application in a higher powered Corvette. A Z06 or a ZR1 with an autobox? HERESY. We'll have to wait for the whole story when GM introduces the updates, which I assume will happen in Detroit.

Hat Tip to Sonourous Speed Joe!