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GM will start offering a "box delete" option for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado next month, which saves buyers $300 off base MSRP and frees up massive 2,200 pounds of payload capacity for your imagination to run wild with.


You've gotta love the logic of a term like "chassis-cab," by the way. No mysteries about what you're working with here!

This chassis cab configuration, also known as a "box delete" option (ZW9 in the GM catalog, to be specific) is only available on base rear-wheel drive WT Colorado with the 3.6 V6 and six-speed automatic. It's bundled with the Z82 trailering package and G80 locking rear differential, hence the relatively small dollar savings over just buying one with a bed already on it.

Chassis-cab customers also get body mounting points (because presumably you're gonna want something back there) and various options on how to set up the taillights and fuel filler.


This package also features a rear-seat delete, turning the back of the base Colorado's extended cab into interior storage... something I hope they introduce across the model range. Not everybody has more than one friend after all.


Part of me feels like you'd do better buying a regular WT V6 Colorado and selling the rear seats and bed on Craigslist, but I'm sure the target audience for these (fleet customers buying them in batches) aren't going to wanna screw around with that nonsense.

So what would you strap to the back of your naked featherweight Chevy Colorado?

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